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Commercial Production
Advertising on television is an important decision for any business, but be sure to invest your dollars wisely. Effective television advertising depends not just on when, where and how many spots you buy, but also on the creative content of the ad, and how your message is presented to the viewer. Producing an effective creative, attention-getting ad is the product of technology, years of experience and professionalism.

Stages Video Productions is an award-winning producer of television advertising, and will work with you to develop a creative concept and follow it through to completion, handling scripting, on-location shooting, the coordination of talent if necessary and the complete post-production process of editing the spot together.

Packages are available that are competitively priced and include scripting, on-location shooting, in-house announcer and complete post-production in either High Definition or Standard Definition. A broadcast copy of your ad will be provided for the television station of your choice along with a personal DVD copy.

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Marketing Videos

For sales presentations, trade-shows, direct-mail, news media electronic press kits and internet distribution, video provides your company with a unique opportunity to deliver a carefully crafted message to your prospects and customers.

Stages Video Productions, over the years has produced numerous award-winning video presentations, TV shows and documentaries covering a wide variety of subject matter, from real-estate sales and carbon-arc welding, to travel destination and employee training. Video is a powerful medium to distribute information to potential clients, employees and the public. We offer the experience to project your company and your image in a professional, presentation that will accomplish your goals and expectation within your budget.

Although each project is unique in its own requirements; talent, special lighting,
aerials, animation, etc., Stages Video has packaged pricing available that includes consultation, scripting, in-house announcers, on-location shooting, lighting, sound and full post-production with graphics and licensed music.

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"Sold On Hold"
The next time you call a local business and are put on hold, listen closely, the message you hear is probably one of our "Sold On Hold" productions. Instead of your customers just hearing music when placed on hold or even worse, hearing advertisements for your competitors, why not use that time to communicate directly with your customers. Stages Video Productions can script your message, combine it with the appropriate music and announcer, to create an effective marketing tool for your business.

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Radio Production
Stages Video Productions can also assist in the production of your next award-winning radio spot. We have a large talent pool of professional voice-over talent available to choose from along with an exhaustive library of licensed music and sound effects.

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Television Show Production

Over the years, we have produced and directed shows for Cox Cable, ETV, Time Warner Cable, WBTW TV13 and WPDE TV15. Whether you need a thirty-minute production, sixty-minute documentary or fifteen-minute infomercial, we are your team!

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Duplication / Distribution
Whatever you distribution needs, rest assured that we’ve been there, done that. From a handful to thousands, we can offer competitive rates on not just the duplication but also full-color custom packaging and shrink-wrapping.

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On-location HD packages are billed at $200/hour with a minimum two hour charge. Full day rates are $1500.

On-location SD packages are billed at $150/hour with a minimum two hour charge. Full day rates are $1000.

Remote packages include single-camera shoot with operator, two UHF wireless microphones, Lowell field lighting kit, reflectors, and monitor with Sachtler support. A sound technician with a 4-channel field mixer, boom-pole and shotgun microphone can be provided at $50/hour. Production assistants are available at $25/hour. Tape stock is not included.

Post-production rates are based on $200/hour; $1500/day for High Definition and $150/hour; $1000/day for Standard Definition. Minimum two-hour charge.

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